This roller will ride on top of the snow in even the most extreme conditions. It is fitted fit gas shocks to provide even pressure to the snow comb to provide a consistent finished surface. It can be fitted with couplers for 1 or 2 track setters allowg for 1 pass grooming.  It comes in standard 6 and 8 ft widths.  Custom widths are available on request.


This light weight track setter is easily portable.  It comes with modular weights complete with handles for easy lifting. It can be used separately or be coupled with the Yvolution roller for one pass grooming.


The rotary action of serrated discs at at the front breaks up and  pulverises hard packed snow.  The final finish can be adjusted on the move using electric actuators for skate or classic tracks.  The actuators may be powered by your vehicle or external rechargeable power packs.  It comes in standard 6 ft width.  Custom widths are available on request.


Replace old and worn grooming surfaces with this affordable, environmentally friendly alternative made from recycled plastic.  Comes in  6 ft lengths.



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